Is CrowdTrading a resource you should base your trading decisions upon?

In order for you to enjoy your trading experience and become successful with your investments, we provide different tools. While, on the one hand, no-one can assure you of success if you use these tools, on the other, each one can give you some insight into the financial markets and how to trade them. 

CrowdTrading is a concept that allows you to get an indication of how other investors, some just like you, are expecting different trading assets to behave. At the heart of this financial theory lies the assumption that financial decisions made by larger groups tend to become more precise than decisions made by a few.

So, on our platform, we show you how the majority of OUR clients are choosing the direction of different trading assets. It is important to stress: we cannot promise you that any trend will be accurate - no one can, actually! But this is just another tool which you can check and incorporate into YOUR decision making.

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