How Can I Start Buying Stocks?

Trade360 is proud to offer Real Stocks to our CrowdTech clients (EU traders) through the Metatrader 5 platform.

In MT5, you will see two options: CFDs and Real Stocks. You may click on Real Stocks and buy the desired stock.

Kindly note that any trader who buys Real Stocks will be required to provide us with a W8 Form within 3 working days from the Buy date in order to be eligible to continue with physical shares (equities).
If after the deadline we have not received the form, the account will be blocked from Real Stock Trading (if the account is approved in terms of standard required documents (KYC), the client will still be able to trade CFDs but not Physical Stocks) and the company will sell the shares on behalf of the trader.

Any close on behalf of the client will be done at market price, which means, the client’s profit/loss depends on the market movement.

The client will need to provide a W8 Form every year.

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